Putting Theory
into Practice

What we Do

Praxis Consulting is Saskatchewan’s largest locally based management consulting firm. We work collaboratively with our clients to make their most difficult problems seem simple. Leveraging an unmatched wealth of experience across multiple sectors, we are able to help our clients achieve success in three key areas:


  • Every decision maker is challenged to make decisions based on a limited amount of information. Market research is a tool that should be used to increase decision-making certainty and provide a better understanding of the potential impact of a decision. Praxis’ expertise in this area encompasses aspects from research design, sample generation and data collection methods, to data management services and statistical analysis. Praxis strives to uphold the quality and integrity of the data collected, providing consumable analysis to improve client decision-making. Praxis respects the privacy and confidentiality of their respondents to the utmost degree.

  • In an environment characterized by imperfect information, the accurate identification economic impacts can be crucial. Praxis utilizes a unique economic forecasting model that is designed to focus on economic development and investment attraction opportunities emerging within a set strategically selected area. Using this model Praxis is able to provide invaluable data and actionable insight into economic impacts such job creation and potential business activities.

  • When reviewing business processes and practices, a fundamental understanding of how similar organizations achieve their outcomes is paramount. This type of research can be time consuming for numerous reasons. Praxis has a wealth of experience in jurisdictional and best practice research and understands the value paring down a large amount of data to compile concise and organizationally relevant best practices.

  • Unbiased information is crucial to making informed decisions, especially those that will be scrutinized by stakeholders. Praxis is a consulting and research firm that prides itself on its reputation for apolitical, independent and objective third party research and analysis. The Praxis Annual Economic Outlook Survey as well as the Regina Economic Leadership Outlook survey has positioned us as a primary source of trusted data and we always employ ethical and best practices when conducting our research projects to ensure unbiased outcomes.


  • The business model is the crux of every organization. In a rapidly changing environment many organizations are constantly challenged to ensure that their business stays viable and relevant. Praxis has developed business plans and undertaken feasibility studies and market research for First Nations, government agencies, Crown corporations and private companies. These plans have involved a wide range of business opportunities from property development to retail services to food processing. Clients have also be assisted with the financing of business ventures.

  • In rapidly growing and evolving organizations it is important that policies keep up with the change. Most policies can withstand the test of time and change; however, some of the more specific policies must be adapted either to reflect cultural change or changing compliance regulations. Praxis has a team of consultants well versed in governance, with a vast experience across many business disciplines. Praxis strive to work with organizations to ensure their policies are truly reflective of their internal culture and the results they are intending to drive with their policies.

  • More often than not organizational priorities and objectives change over time to adapt to each organization’s evolving market. At times these changes require the movement or addition of employee resources. Reviewing organizational design is a great practice to ensure that all business units and employees are efficiently working towards the same objectives. Praxis understands the many nuances associated with organizational efficiency and design. Praxis approaches organizational design with the intent to maximize stakeholder holder information gathering to ensure the right resources are doing the right activities within the right functional working group of an organization.

  • Some of our highly experienced strategic planning consultants have over 20 years of experience working with various levels of government, NGOs, non-profits, and for-profit organizations. Our approach to successful strategic planning is to regard it as a process, rather than an event.  We suggest a variety of inputs be used to inform your planning sessions to ensure the process is appropriate and relevant to your organization’s needs. For example, engaging key staff and stakeholders for broad and diverse perspectives is useful in ensuring ownership of the plan.

  • Board effectiveness is a concern that is periodically faced by both policy and operational Boards. Just as each organization is different, each board has its own dynamic values and practices. Praxis has provided support to a vast array of Boards with regards to strategic development and governance effectiveness. Dependent on the specific needs of your Board, Praxis will design an effective approach focused on identifying your business goals and how to achieve those goals through active involvement in the process, agreement in the outcome, and accountability for achievement.


  • Change is inevitable and often feared. Praxis understands that there are always going to be pains with change and that there are many different ways to manage the change. Many of Praxis’ consultants are certified in Prosci Change management. Change management is an important aspect of any initiative as it assists in ensuring the people involved are able to quickly and effectively transition from current state to future state. The Prosci certification has equipped Praxis with a set of tools to lead organizations and their people through change projects to ensure their projects remain on time and on budget.

  • Evaluation and measurement is critical to understanding exactly what business aspects are driving an organization towards success. Balanced Scorecards examines four critical components that contribute to organizational success. Praxis is well versed in development of Balanced Scorecards and other measurement methods. Praxis works with clients to fully understand their strategy and establish specific performance measures that will best demonstrate measurable progress toward each strategic goal. We seek high-level performance metrics that serve as a roll-up of the organization’s objectives and demonstrate the overall health of the organization.

  • Praxis has tremendous expertise in the area of multi- stakeholder consultations and facilitation specifically in the Saskatchewan context. We are a provincial company that has worked with the private sector, non-profit organizations, First Nations communities, Crown Corporations, and executive government. Our wealth of experience has lead us to develop best practices to effectively identify and reach targeted stakeholder groups and allow them to provide feedback in a transparent, fair, and highly-accessible manner. The facilitation approach we have designed for this engagement is well suited to address your unique needs.

  • Project management expertise is an important component to the success of any project and that is why we pride ourselves in ensuring that our projects are managed on time, on scope and on budget. As well, a number of our staff and Associates are well versed and have achieved multiple designations related to the project management profession, and work directly in this field.

  • In addition to facilitation, planning, and consultation experience, Praxis is also well versed in designing implementation and execution planning tools, guides and material that are practical and immediately applicable. In fact, a growing portion of our resources and experience now involves assisting organizations with designing implementation plans, as well as support for proceeding on task, on target and on budget.

  • One of the most important aspects of engaging with stakeholders both internal and external to an organization is communication. Praxis utilizes communication strategies to ensure clients are able to reach each of their stakeholder groups in a meaningful and effective manner. Communications strategies not only have a role in public engagement but also in change management, strategic development and project management.