Garth Brooks Regina Concert Economic Impact

August 08, 2019

On August 8, 2019, Praxis Consulting released a study that predicts the local and provincial economic impact of the upcoming Garth Brooks concerts.

The concerts, through revenues and expenses incurred in operation as well as tourist spending, are expected to contribute:

  • $19.2M to $21.8M in gross economic activity to the provincial economy
  • $13.0M to $14.9M to the local economy
  • $7.3M to $8.7M in provincial Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • $4.6M to $5.6M in local GDP

The events will support 371 and 397 jobs provincially, and 334 and 354 jobs locally.

Expected government revenues (federal, provincial and municipal) from the events are between $0.484M $0.946M.                

In addition to these economic impacts, the concerts positively impact civic pride and consumer confidence. The events highlight Regina’s ability to continue to support major events.  

Disclaimer: This study is a community service of Praxis and was not commissioned by an external party. It is independent of Garth Brooks and the Regina Exhibition Association Ltd. and is not in any way related to either corporation or persons associated with them.

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