Public and Stakeholder Engagement

Praxis Team

Praxis' public and stakeholder services help our clients:

  • Make effective and quality decisions by understanding and incorporating stakeholder feedback, perspectives, and insights
  • Offer transparent and collaborative communications with individuals and groups impacted by decisions
  • Build and maintain trust and credibility with your stakeholders

Understand and manage diverse interests and impacts of your stakeholders to support effective decision making and outcomes

Stakeholder engagement is a vital service for any organization that wants to make informed and effective decisions or gather reliable information.

Praxis’ approach involves communicating and collaborating with the people or groups who have a stake or influence in the organization's activities, goals, or outcomes. Our team of IAP2-certified experts can help you conduct stakeholder engagement using various methods, such as focus groups, interviews, public open-houses, pop ups, and virtual, 24-7 options. We tailor our approach to your objectives and desired outcomes, whether you want to understand the needs, expectations, and perspectives of your stakeholders, build trust and credibility with them, identify and manage risks and opportunities, enhance the quality and effectiveness of your decisions or information, or increase stakeholder satisfaction and support.

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