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Praxis' economic services support our clients':

  • Lobbying efforts
  • Regulatory and grant-funding requirments
  • Public relations and key messaging around the value of events and infrastructure to the public

Economic Impact Studies, Analysis, and Forecasting for Local and Provincial governments, Businesses, and Educational Institutions

Praxis’ team of economists and consultants provide our clients with impactful, easy-to-digest economic assessments and reports. Drawing from high-quality demographic, financial, labour, and other data, we help clients make smart decisions, plan ahead, and take advantage of opportunities.

Praxis' economic team has a wealth of experience in conducting economic impact analyses, demographic and enrollment forecasting, regional economic report cards, and custom economic reports. Ranging from the economic development implications of a new manufacturing plant, facility, or tourism development to the assessment of an entire industry or sector's contribution to the provincial and regional economy in question, Praxis' economic reports and analysis help clients make evidence-based long-term decisions.

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