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Praxis' economic services help our clients:

  • Craft strategies to influence lawmakers and other decision makers
  • Navigate regulatory and grant-funding processes
  • Communicate the value of events and infrastructure to the public through effective public relations and key messaging

Examining the Economic Impact: Studies, Analysis, and Forecasting for Local and Provincial Economies

Praxis offers valuable, easy-to-understand economic assessments and reports to its clients.

With decades of experience in economic impact studies, population projections, and economic reporting, the experts at Praxis use the most reliable data to empower clients to make informed decisions, plan for the future, and seize opportunity. Our economic reports and analysis provide customers with the facts they need to make strategic decisions, whether they are considering the effects of a new factory, building, or tourist attraction on economic growth, or determining the contributions of an industry to a local region. By relying on Praxis for economic research needs, clients can rest assured they have the facts they need to make decisions for the long-term.

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